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PEEK/PPSU strypas/lenta/vamzdžių ekstruzijos linija

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1,PEEK(polyether-ether-ketone), is crystalline thermoplastic polymer material with a melting temperature of 334℃. Has advantages of high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy, acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, radiation resistance and good electrical properties.

2,Has a higher melting point(334℃) and glass transition temperature(143℃), continuous use temperature of 260℃.

3,The accepted standard for measuring flammability of materials is UL94, and the result of PEEK is V-0, which is the best level of flame retardancy.

4,Excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress comparable to alloy materials.

5,PEEK is widely used in aerospace, automotive, electrical and electronic, medical and food processing.


PPSU is polyphenylene sulfide ,a kind of thermoplastic special engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance.Its outstanding features are high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties.





PEEK's long-term operating temperature range from -100℃ to +250℃, is widely used in aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries, such as gas analyzer structural components on satellites, heat exchanger blades, Its superior friction resistance makes it an ideal material for friction applications such as roller bearings, plain bearings, valve seats, seals, and pump wear rings.


The main use of PPSU is in the field of electronic appliances, such as making transformer skeletons, high-frequency coil bobbins, plugs, sockets, wiring frames, contactor drum drums and various precision parts.


Techniniai duomenys:



SJZ45 / 25



Main engine rate of revolution

10-49r / min

Main motor power


Talpa (maks.)

20kg / val



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