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CHINAPLAS2019 Excellent Equipment-- TPU Film Extrusion Line

Цаг: 2019-05-15


 TPU-ийн хальсан шугам 


TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) sheet has excellent properties of high tension, high tension, toughness and aging resistance, and has excellent characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, anti-mildew and anti-bacterial, wear and corrosion resistance, biocompatibility and so on. It is widely used in shoes, garments, inflatable toys, water and underwater sports equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, car seat materials, umbrellas, suitcases, leather bags, etc. It can also be used in bullet-proof glass, packaging materials.

TPU is becoming more and more popular because of its superior performance and environmental protection concept. At present, TPU can be used as a substitute for PVC wherever PVC is used. TPU film not only can be bonded with various fabrics, but also can be used to produce products with clear outline and stable size by vacuum thermoforming. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in China, TPU products are more and more widely used. Among them, the fast-growing areas are shoe lining, thermal underwear, transparent underwear, transparent shoulder strap, elastic belt and medical breathable tape.


The production line adopts extrusion method and roll forming to produce sheets with thickness of 0.05-2 mm and width of 1000-2000 mm, including transparent sheets, color sheets and composite sheets of various materials.


Composition of TPU Production Line

1. Нэг эрэг экструдер

2. Hydraulic screen changer

3. metering pump

4. mold

5. Film Covering Device

6. calender

7. Roll temperature control system

8. Cooling bracket and trimming device

9. Tractor, Waste Edge Rewinding Device

10. Dual-position winder

11. Full set of electrical control system

12. Туслах тоног төхөөрөмж



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