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Өндөр хурдны ус хөргөх Хэвтээ төрөл Давхар хана Атираат хоолой шахах шугам

Гарал газар: Хятад улс
Барааны тэмдэгийн нэр: Жуэлл
Гэрчилгээний: ISO CE
Хамгийн бага захиалгын тоо хэмжээ: 1
Төлбөрийн нөхцөл: Урьдчилгаа 30% -ийг T / T-ээр, 70% нь T / T-ээр ачилт хийхээс өмнө үлдсэн төлбөр.
Хэрэг бvртгэлт
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● Sizing sleeve is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is wear-resistant. The tube waveform can be calculated by special software program, and the ring stiffness can be obtained at the same weight.
● Cooling water is injected at both forming and return sections (such models in the market are air-cooled and without water).
● The molding machine has special structure to effectively reduce the dislocation of pipe (with patent protection).
● The molding machine has special structure to effectively inhibit the upwarping and ensure that the module will not deform (with patent protection).
● The platform is equipped with guide device, which can realize synchronous access of mold base.
● The stability of vacuum can be improved by the vacuum box of the molding machine.
● The molding machine is equipped with backup power supply, which can ensure the smooth withdrawal of the equipment from the production position in case of sudden power failure to prevent the locking
● Special structure of water tray can ensure the high flow cooling water  injected into module (with patent protection).
● The movement of lower frame and upper frame are all electrically adjusted.



Санал авах Хоолойн хэмжээ (мм) Max.Speed(m/min) Нийт хүчний (KW)
JWBW-150 ID40-150 15 270
JWBW-300 ID100-300 7.5 340
JWBW-600 ID100-600 5.5 490
JWBW-800 ID200-800 4.2 615
JWBW-1000 ID300-1000 2.9 795
JWBW-1200 ID400-1200 2 890
JWBW-1500 ID6001500 1.2 1110


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