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HDPE Өндөр үр ашигтай нэг шураг шахмал шахалтын үндсэн техникийн үзүүлэлтүүд

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Давуу талууд:
It is widely used in the area of water supply and gas supply. Feeding section is grooved structure with temperature controller, and easy
to get high capacity and stable extrusion. With advanced BM screw structure, it is able to divide the HDPE material from solid to liquid.


By using the new type barrier screw design, this extruder has a high extrusion capacity in high RPM with the low energy consumption, and this extruder can gain a good mixing effect in the low temperature, and this extruder can control the material shearing to get the ideal and even melt temperature, so that the ripple mark in the inner wall of the big diameter pipe can be avoided.

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