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Гурван давхар PVC Хатуу хананы хоолойн хамтарсан шахмал үйлдвэрлэлийн шугам

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Гүйцэтгэл & Давуу тал

Use two or more SJZ series conical twin screw extruder to implement co-extruded three-layer PVC pipe. The sandwich layer of the pipe is high-calcium PVC or PVC foam raw material.

● The extruder uses super wear-resistant alloy screw barrel; the twin-screw feeds evenly and the powder doesn’t bridge;

● Optimized design of PVC three-layer mold, the internal flow channel is chrome-plated and highly polished, wear and corrosion resistant; with special sizing sleeve, the pipe product has high speed and good surface;channels is reasonable to ensure that the tube layer thickness is uniform and the plasticization effect of each layer is better.

● Cutting machine adopts rotating clamping device to adapt to different pipe diameters, eliminating the trouble of frequent replacement of fixtures. Equipped with a new type of adjustable floating chamfering mechanism, the size of chamfer can be adjusted according to the pipe diameter and wall thickness, cutting and chamfering can be performed in one step. Closed suction device, better chip suction effect.

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