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Tatalaina o le BKWELL JWELL DWELL Ofisa i Fafo i Taialani

Taimi: 2019-07-09

Friends of industrial associations in China and Thailand participated in the opening Ceremony of BKWELL JWELL DWELL Foreign Office .

The leaders of the China Plastics Association said in a congratulatory message that Jwell is the vice president unit of the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association and the industry leader in Chinese extrusion machinery industry for eight years. Jwell is an active promoter and leader in plastic profiles, pipes and sheets  machinery areas. With the development of Chinese economy, we tend to become the manufacturer to the creator. It is hoped that the establishment of the Thailand office will provide support and assistance to more enterprises in the Chinese plastics industry overseas.

Mr.HE Haichao,chairman of Jwell Company,thanked the guests, friends and all thestaff who attended the opening ceremony of the office. Jwell people feel the kindness from Thailand. We will promise that we try our best to serve our customers in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Since 2004, JWELL has been selling  screws and extruders in Thailand. In the future, the Thailand Office will continue tocreate value for customers with better products and more convenient services through technological, service and management innovation.

I lenei faʻaaliga o le InterPlas Thailand i le 2019, sa i ai la matou ituaiga fou extruder, crusher, feulaina suia masini ma isi.

BKWELL showed automatic blow molding machine in the booth with advanced technology of which has wide application in  packaging,daily necessities, medical and other industries.


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Inrecent years, Jwell has set up offices in Thailand, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh,Russia, North America and other countries. We can provide our best service for our customers.