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CHINAPLAS2018 Excellent Equipment-- New Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line for Ventilation System


The ventilation system is a set of independent air handling system composed of air supply system and exhaust system. Pipe type ventilation system is composed of ventilation system fan and pipe fittings, that could exhaust the indoor air out through importing the fresh air which purified by ventilation system fan into the house. The ventilation system pipe is the most important piping components of the system. The ventilation system could create a healthy and livable indoor environment for those consumer-grade end users.

The inner layer and outer layer of the ventilation system corrugated pipe is composited by PE materials with different properties. The design of double hollow corrugated structure make the pipe not only could be installed on the ceiling and suspended ceiling, but also is the ideal choice to installed on the concrete due to the super pressure resistance performance. The special design of double hollow corrugated structure has anti - static and antibacterial coating, and the inner wall is very smooth, easy to clean, low friction drag, soundproof and heat preservation.

The difference between ventilation system circular corrugated pipe and normal circular corrugated pipe.
1. The proportion of inner and outer walls is different;
2. The material of inner wall is special, the thickness is very thin;
3. High flexibility requirements.

Shanghai Jwell Pipe Equipment CO.,LTD developed the new ventilation system pipe production line which has high centering precision for front and back and developed specific mould structure for the material characteristics of ventilation system pipe. The special water jacket is more adaptable to ventilation system corrugated pipe series. The forming machine adopts the new type vertical chiller, that the positioning of die mould becomes more accurate, and easy to change, which could be more convenience for customer to handle.

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