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PVC water supply pipe

November 12,2021

PVC water supply pipeis a kind of water supply pipe with sanitary polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding quantitative stabilizer, lubricant, filler, brightening agent, etc., produced by plastic extrusion machine.

PVC main features:

1. Light weight, convenient handling and handling: small density, convenient handling, loading and unloading, construction.
2. Excellent corrosion resistance: excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for chemical industry.
3. Small fluid resistance: the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, and its roughness coefficient is only 0.009. The fluid resistance is small, which effectively improves the hydraulic condition of the pipe network and reduces the system operation cost.
4. High mechanical strength: the pipe has good pressure resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength.
5. Simple construction: pipeline connection construction is quick and easy, construction cost is low.
6. Low cost: low price, and convenient transportation, construction, long service life, so the overall low cost.
7. Does not affect water quality: it is confirmed by the dissolution test that it does not affect water quality and is suitable for large-scale promotion and application.

1. Indoor water supply and reclaimed water system of civil and industrial buildings;
2. Buried water supply system in residential district and factory;
3. Urban water supply pipeline system;
4. Water treatment pipeline system of water treatment plant;
5. Mariculture;
6. Garden irrigation, well sinking and other engineering and other industrial pipes

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