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Plastic processing method of extruder and how much aluminum profile can be stretched when cooled

August 09,2019

1. Is the processing method of aluminum extrusion machine a plastic processing method? In addition, does this kind of extruder have accessories?
From a professional point of view, the processing of the aluminum extrusion machine applies external force to the metal blank in the extrusion cylinder to make it flow out of a specific die hole, and then obtains the product with the required cross-sectional shape and size. Therefore, judging from its definition, its processing method is a plastic processing method. However, this kind of extruder must have fittings. Generally speaking, there are thimbles, scale plates, slide plates and so on.
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2. Is the calculation formula the same for aluminum rod parameters calculated by volume method and practical weight method in aluminum extrusion press?
In the aluminum extrusion press, there are two methods to calculate the parameters of its aluminum rod, volume method and practical weight method, but their corresponding calculation formulas are different. In the volume method, the calculation formula of extrusion length of aluminum rod is (length of aluminum rod/upsetting coefficient-residual thickness) * extrusion ratio, and its rod length is (extrusion length/residual thickness) * upsetting coefficient, wherein the upsetting coefficient is obtained by dividing the cross-sectional area of casting rod by the cross-sectional area of extrusion cylinder.
The parameters of aluminum bar, if calculated by practical weight method, are: weight of aluminum bar = extruded length meter weight of profile and residual weight of profile. Therefore, the two have different calculation formulas, and the above conclusions are drawn.
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3. During the operation of the aluminum alloy extruder, should the length of the aluminum profile be determined before stretching?
During the operation of the aluminum alloy extruder, before stretching the aluminum profile, the length of the material should be determined first, and then the stretching rate should be determined. In this way, the moving position of the main chuck can be obtained. Under normal conditions, 6063T5 tensile rate is 0.5%-1%, 6061T6 tensile rate is 0.8%-1.5%, if there are special circumstances, it will be considered separately.
4. What determines the clamping method of aluminum profiles? When the aluminum profile is cooled to how much, the aluminum alloy extruder can start drawing work?
From a professional point of view, the determination of the clamping mode of the aluminum profile is determined by the shape of the aluminum profile. If it is a large-section hollow profile, it can be inserted into the stretching cushion block, however, sufficient clamping area should be maintained to prevent problems in the use of the extruder. However, when the aluminum profile is cooled to below 50℃, the aluminum alloy extruder can start drawing.

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